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InstantWEB - Quick and Easy


What is InstantWEB?
InstantWEB by BESTWEB is the quickest and easiest way to publish media online in a pure exclusively personal presentation. InstantWEB means READY MADE and offers several webKits you can choose from. A webKit contains one website with ready build layout and one professional presentation. All presentations are made suitable for best crossplattform user experience: Optimized for desktops and mobile devices as smartphones i.e. iPhone, iPad, etc.

What are InstantWEB-Kits?

BESTWEB offers different categories of InstantWEB-Kits to keep it simple. If you are a photographer, artist, film-maker or private person - YOU choose the categorie that matches your project requirements. InstantWEB-Kit's categories help you to share your performances quick and easy over the internet. You can have a project site which covers 1 or more events: i.e. fotos or movies from parties, marriages, holiday trips. Or if you are an artist, present your new set of paintings as online vernissage.

Why using InstantWEB and not social plattforms?
It's like comparing a business card with a global telephone book - Why trying to mark an item in between hundreds of pages?
A personal websites is the most impressive way for presenting your performances. In addition, an exclusive BESTWEB's presentation with its ambitious design stands out of the mass of millions of social plattform entries. Updates do not get lost in thousands of userposts. Better you link your exclusive BESTWEB's presentation from your social profile. Beyond that, you can import your media from your social plattform account and vice versa. InstantWeb's social media connector let's you share your media with social plattforms but still keeps your achievements individual.

What is it not?
Because InstantWEB is ready made, there is no need for configuration or changing parameters. It's two words: Upload and enjoy. But- if you like tuning, you still can do.
If you log in to your InstantWEB-Kit site you can set individual parameters of a presentation.

What are the costs?
Basic InstantWeb-Kits starting from 0,33 € per day. 9,90 € per month, 1 month is the minimum period. No recuring.
One-off costs per InstantWEB-Kit registration are 8,20 €.
After expiring your online presentation will be switched offline and you can reactivate within 3 months.
After then all content will be lost.
Example: If you register for a period of 40 days this means 0,33 per days x 40 + one-off costs 8,20 € = 21,40 € in total.

How to access my online presentation?
Your standard internetaddress will be your registered [username]
i.e. if you register 'picasso' as username, your internetaddress will be ''.
This is also the address where you can login and upload your media.

Can I register my own domain?
Yes, but not as part of a standard InstantWEB-Kit.
For more information, please contact us at

Are there limits?
Every standard InstantWEB-Kit is limited to one presentation mode and 25 media.
Depending on the InstantWEB-Kit you choose, you can manage your media in different albums/series.
Please find the descriptions on the demo sites.

Need more?
Every standard InstantWEB-Kit can be upgraded to i.e. 50 media (0,66 € per day) or more.
For more information, please contact us at

Do you provide email-addresses?
Yes, but not as part of a standard InstantWEB-Kit. Email accounts are only provided as part of a domain registration.
For more information, please contact us at

Is there an activation period after my registration?
Yes, but normally you can access your InstantWEB-Kit within 2 to 24 hours on workdays.

Still a question?
Feel free to contact us on


InstantWEB does not contain content. All content must be published by the user.
All content that has been uploaded for testing, training or demo issues, must be deleted before publishing a website if the material is not owned by the user.